Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lady of the Day

Monica has been in the game for over 15 years and guess what, she's still on top. She's an amazing vocalist, mother and also new wife. She sings songs that helo us in our daily lives and songs that get us through tough times. She's also is a fighter of love and will sing songs that will put the, "other women, in her place.

Married over a year ago, she just celebrated her one year wedding anniversary with basketball player hubby, Shannon Brown. She has new love, beautiful children and an great career. Monica, you're an amazing being and an asset to this world.

Look of the Day!

Miranda Kerr's Casual Look

I chose this look because eventhough she is a supermodel, any and mean any, woman can pull off this look. A simple horizontal striped top, a cropped pant and a hot leather jacket-that's it! You don't have to pick the same colors but you absolutely have to make sure your porportions are right.

This reason her look is so amazing is because her porportions are on point. You can also choose your favorite oversized bag, sunglasses and boots to top off your look. 

Shoe of the Day!

She's unlike any designer I've seen to date: Miss Ruthie Davis. She's in her own category and if she continues to follow her heart and use her talent, she could definitely stay there for years to come. Worn by celebrities all over the world, she has a prestigious clientele. Her pieces have hit runways and special events everywhere. The talented Ruthie Davis! Below is another one of Ruthie's amazing pieces.

NEW at Crystyles Boutique!

 This top is so stylish and very sexy! With the cut out on the sleeves as well as the lace up detail, this top can definitely go for any special event. Pair it with a dark pant on stuck it in and pair it with a high pencil skirt. Crystyles Boutique:" Your Style Concierge."

Friday, November 25, 2011

Quote of the Day by a fashion Icon!!

Lady of the Day

The Legendary Carrie Bradshaw well to us its Sarah Jessica Parker!! The stylish icon and iconic in all industries. We like that as her character in Sex in the City as a writer detailing the fact that women go through the city of sex and fashion, news, and the eyes of New York. begin that Ms. Parker juggles twins and the a consistent face for Vogue and Elle!! Begin that she will always be stylish and taking risk that's why she is our Lady of Day!!

Shoe of the Day!!

Begin the patch work is amazing for this wedge heel! Honestly I feel that there no wrong way to wear this. This Aldo Shoe can be worn in different ways, well I would wear it with light denim jeans and nice cream blazer with a tangerine top that will compliment the art work of the heel.

Trend of the Day!!

Paisley fashion is very much a foreign new trend and the designers are putting it on the runways with, skirts, pants and etc. The point of the paisley is to extend the Russian sense to the modern look and the fact its also very popular. One thing is for certain that they are very versatile, very easy for day or night scene's.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crystyles Street Style File

Most everyday women wouldn't even consider trying on these pants because of the print. And I admit, the print is a little risky but with the right pieces you are sure to pull off a great look. Woman need to try on pieces that are outside of their comfort zone of the simple jeans and oversized tee.

 If a woman tried on one piece that wouldn't necessarily be her first choice, I garantee she will find a piece she absolutely adores. These pants indeed have a very different pattern but because she paired it with a neutral piece, the cream top. It doesn't take away from the pants pattern but actually compliments them.

NEW at Crystyles Boutique!

Jodhpur Accent Contrast Jean Leggings

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Crystyles Boutique!

Look of the Day.

The designer of this gorgeous scarlet peek a boo dress is the one and only Tracey Reese. She also wore the same piece to an event she threw at her store.

Shoe of the Day!

I like the look of these heels because they have a renaissance yet modern feel to them. The Renaissance feeling comes from the the deep blue color, the thin laces and the added tongue in the front.

The modern feel comes from the shape of the platform as well as the shape of the heel. This particular shoe is definitely for the fashionista that loves different shapes and "feels" to new pieces they encounter.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Look Of the day!!

Ms Cyrus does a good job in understanding her body. This little girl is growing up slowly, she is doing very well. With this leather cropped jacket, loose tank tunic, that hits here at the right length. This can be a day and a night look, with the fold down booties that match the jacket you will rock the streets!!

Our Lady of the Day!!

Mommy,Catwoman, Storm, Bond Girl, the list goes on and on!! Ms.Halle Berry does it all. This famous actress is all over the world and there is nobody that is going to slow here down. The daring Ms. Berry has fashion in such ways that will be remembered. I like the Halle is remembered to have the short hair look and that is her statement look, because she pulls it off so well.

Shoe of the Day!!

Talk about the new school of fashion in the shoe department. These Lavnin tall chunky heel boots are the best and I live for them!! The leather cut out and then the suede tip is classic. I like the fact that you can wear these with a nice pair of light denim jeans and a cream turtle neck and a tan fur vest. These types of boots are very noticeable. The real truth is that they are the new mid-western!!

Trend of the Day!!

Edge with a touch of class!! Lace blouses are the new button down tops. They make blazers and cropped leather jackets come to life. When the top is tucked in its looks of the class, but when this left out with a pair jeans or a skirt that's when the edge comes out. Its better to wear the Lace top tucked in with a pair fitted jeans and YSL pumps and a cropped blazer.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Look Of the day!!

The White Look will always be famous in all sorts of the world and and Ms. Lala carries it very well in New York downtown, I love how she combines the animal print with the red purse. There is no wrong way to do this. The purpose of the all white is to experiment with a different colors and nude.

Our Ladies of the Day!!

Begin that they are the #1 female group in the world, Destiny's Child brings all types of fashion to the surface. If its not Tina Knowles that creates their look, then they have all signature looks. Beyonce likes to show off her hips and curves and Kelly loves to show of her long fashionable legs, the ms. Michelle is all around gal that looks great in anything!! They are a force to be recon with, that's why they are our Ladies of the day!!

Shoe of the Day!!

Charlotte Olympia is queen of artist flavor and modern taste. She understands the statement pieces and she transform that into footwear. Like these shoes, you can wear a high waist skirt, and pretty blouse, but begin a Crystyles Boutique shopper we would put you in pair of our gray skinny jeans and fitted tank and a blazer and there you have it a statement outfit!! 

Trend of the Day!!

Art comes in sorts of ways. This year in Fashion the swirl marbleized painting is apart of that!! The Designers are realizing that wearing art is really a new trend. It can be transformed from the simplest pair of booties to a pair pumps that compliment the dress or tunic.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quote of the Day

"An ensemble is made up of a bold elegance, an in your face, everyday graffiti-inspired thing that you see in your everyday life."~Anonymous

Street Style File

In this ensemble, it's all about attention to detail.The jacket is the main statement piece in this look. I love how her collar is up which gives more style to her complete look. The other statement piece is the embellished piece showing through her coat.

But the best assest she can add to the look is her amazing legs! With nude pumps, red lips and gold locks, she is definitely well put together.

NEW at Crystyles Boutique!

 Who doesn't love a oversized top in this chilling cold weather? Eventhough it has vertical openings, with the right undergarments, you can definitely look hot in this top.

Pair it with a dark jean and a pair of comfortable boots. Crystyles Boutique; You Style Concierge.

Shoe of the Day!

The color is amazing, the shape is amazing, the texture is absolutely amazing! I love the added ankle strap, it gives it an edginess.

Here's another of Galliano's fabulous pumps!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crystyles Street Style File

Who doesn't love to slip a lil' something on and feel like a million bucks. This look that the model is wearing is definitely that. She is wearing a simple cream dress. But she jazzed up her look by pairing it with some killer pink pumps. Add a neutral clutch and a few bracelets, which completed her look.  To make this a night look, pair this ensemble with a statement necklace or a patterned tight and cropped jacket. Now how simple is that?

NEW at Crystyles Boutique!

This top is definitely an eye catcher! Being very versatile, you can definitely transistion from day to night with this single piece. You can make it an all black ensemble for day and night but change the accessories and shoes for the event. Be the first to get a Crystyles Boutique; You Style Concierge. You can also oder this top online at www.crystylesboutique.com. 


Shoe Designer Spotlight: Ruthie Davis

 Today, I came across this Italian shoe designer. Her name, Ruthie Davis. The name of her shoe line is Davis by Ruthie Davis. Davis by Ruthie Davis shoes have been seen in Harper's BAZAAR, InStyle, Lucky, WWD, NYLON, Footwear News, People, Vibe Vixen, OK! Ruthie Davis is a modernist who loves all things high tech and high fashion. She launched her first line in 2005. Before she started her own line, she was the director of Reebok.

Then she became the Vice-President of UGG Australia. Later on she also became the Vice President of Women's Footwear Design and Marketing at Tommy Hilfiger. Her shoes have been seen on the most elite celebrities from Amber Rose to Whitney Port. Though Ruth has had success in the shoe industry by leading top companies to their highest potential, there's nothing like having something to call your own.

You can also check out this video of Ruthie showing a few of her killer heels!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

NEW at Crystyles Boutique!

Every woman needs a great blouse. So why not one that will get you noticed? This pink blouse with ruffled detail is a great piece that will work for business as well as day or night. For business, tuck in the top and pair it with a fitted pencil skirt.

For day, pair it with dark jeans and a hot boot. Keep the same look for business but add a few accessories for a great night ensemble. This look is simple yet so stylish.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Quote of the Day by a fashion Icon!!

Celeb look of the Day

The Glam Kim is sporting a boho high waist skirt with a simple tank, and pep-toe heels. this look is very much fun and flirty all at the same time. This street fashion is so acceptable, for the reason that you can wear this inside and at night time. so congrats Kim for the look of the day!!

Our Lady of the Day!!

The Princess of R&B Ms. Amerie has been a silent but killer singer/model/ actress! Now that she is done with the honeymoon, she has came back and is ready to rock. There is a certain vibe about Amerie that we just love. If its not her since vibrant fashion, then its her long hair that never seems to go wrong!! Her hit 1 thing told it all about her talent and that's why Amerie is our lady of the day!!

Shoe of the Day!

Jessica Simpson Francis Bootie
This stone gray leather booties will set outfit off!! Jessica Simpson does a really good job in designing for women, who have a shoe fetish. I like that this bootie can be versatile in all images. Wearing this shoe you can go from a light wash skinny jean and a loose top to a high waist skirt with a gray leopard blouse tucked in, to finish the look wear a long necklace!! 

Trend of the Day!

The strong Royal blue! The blue in a outfit stands out and there is nothing that can stand in its place. Back in the day people would think that wearing blue meant you sorta in a sad state! Now the tables have turned the blue is a statement color and there is a since of royalties to the color!! 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Quote of the Day by a fashion Icon!!

Look Of the day!!

The new Gucci line is begin presented in the right way there is no way to wear this outfit. Ms. Lopez workout in the ensemble very well, she wears this Harem wrap by Gucci with matching strappy open toe, black and gold leather clutch!!

Our Lady of the Day!!

Bright green eyed LaLa Vasquez-Anthony! She is our favorite host for televised events. She has an amazing look and knows what works for her body. There are many things to say about Lala. Her smile is always beautiful and her laugh is infectious. Ms. Anthony carries herself like an icon but she also is a loving mother as well as a dedicated wife.

She always wears things that compliment her shape and even while walking the streets of New York with her son or mother, she's casual but she always makes sure she's on point! Not only is her style always together but so is her hair! Wearing side braids, buns and ponytails, she has her game together. 

Another thing I have noticed that LaLa keeps on point is her brows! Her brows are amazing and frame her face so well. Many women don't understand how important the brow is to the face. So today, Lala is definitely our  Lady of the day!