Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lady of the Day


Tyra Banks, model, actor, talk show host and author, has become a business woman is her own right. Eventhough she's beautiful, she's not the least bit arrogant that she graced the covers of numerous magazines and runways. Because of her success she has been able to reach out to other woman to give them added empowerment. She also wants all women to fall hopelessly in love with their inner beauty.

In 1999, Tyra Banks established the TZONE program. TZONE is aimed at leadership and life skills development for young girls .In 2005, TZONE transformed from a camp into a public charity, the Tyra Banks TZONE Foundation. She is also big on education. Turning down acceptance letters from USC and UCLA to pursue her modeling career, this year, she enroll in the Owner/President Management Program at Harvard Business School.

Although she loves fashion, beauty and is one of the top models in the world, she never lost what she was taught as a child. She is definitely a benefit to international women empowerment.

Milk Maid Braids

Milk Maid braids have graced the runways for fall.  This style has been seen on Mary Kate Olsen, Sienna Miller and even Nicole Richie. 
Mary J.Blige's Milkmaid Braid

Go for a clean image, like Mary J. Blige's look, by adding a styling gel.  Go for a messy look by pulling a few strands out in the front. You can leave them as is or you could curl them to give a more polished look. You could also add a ribbon into the braid to add a different element to the look.

Fall Find at Crystyles Boutique!

Chevron Quilted Mockneck Coat
Outerwear is a absolute must when those chilling winters begin to roll around. So what better way to beat the cold than by looking good doing it! When you look good, better yet, when you feel good, nothing in the world can take that away from you. This coat has a beautiful angle going towards the front which adds a great element to the coat.

Another great element is the red and taupe pattern seen throughout. Lastly, the draped neck in the front is a great addition to the coat. You can easily add a beautiful scarf around the neck, if needed. So come to Crystyles Bouttique:Your Style Concierge.


Trend of the Day!

COLOR, COLOR, COLOR! This is a beautiful look that introduces a few autumn colors. The black and grey over the sun yellow scarf and the orange tapered pants has all the right proportions. The grey shoes do the look great justice. So just because its fall doesn’t mean you can’t wear the colors of the rainbow. These vibrant colors have been seen on bell bottoms as well as cropped pants.

You can easily make these pants the statement piece to your ensemble. Shown below, most of the models contrasted the brightly colored pants with neutral tops and shoes. The third model paired the two vibrant colors together and added a black belt to add a contrasting color. All four of these looks could very well color for the everyday women.

Shoe of the Day!

Brurea Suede Platform Booties
This heel is very different for most pumps we've seen lately. This type of shoe is mostly made for those daring divas that don't mind strutting their stuff.The added ankle piece and lace ups in the front, is a great look for a woman wanted some needed attention.

The cutout as well as the lace up detail along the front, make it look very different from the pumps you've seen on numerous chicks at your favorite hot spot.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quote of the Day by a fashion Icon!!

Our Lady of the Day!!

Miss America, singer, actress, model and mother, Ms. Vanessa Williams. There is so much about her that is beautiful; from her eyes, to her sandy golden locks. Ms. Williams has a great fashion sense. She's been through many phases and has still remained true to herself. That's why she has become our lady of the day!

Shoe of the Day! !

Seriously, Sergio Rossi is a master of creation! The pump is architecturally stunning and I honestly believe only a diva could pull this off. The strong color of fuschia is very sexy and bold. Wear this with a black high waisted skirt, a cream blouse and a lengthy gold necklace. Be the diva you are: bold and beautiful!

Trend of the Day!!

The tweed jacket is classy and great for many different looks. This jacket can bring a regular outfit to a whole new level. The different shades of pinks and greens are two of the most classic colors found in tweed. Tweed jackets can easily be dress up for work. To be a little modest, wear it on a first date! Hey, he doesn't need to know you have a wild side! Tweed is a must, especially for those chilly months. Adding tweed to your never ending wardrobe is on the top of my list as fashionable.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Quote of the Day by a fashion Icon!!

Our Lady of the Day!!

This South African bombshell is an iconic women and the face of Dior! Charlize Theron is a women of many different aspects. They have even compared her to the late great Marylin Monroe!Ms. Theron is not only a very humble person she can kick some major butt!!  

Shoe of the Day!

Ms.Charlotte Olympia stays within her relam but she always delivers! The designs that she comes up with ,like the one seen above,  is very edgy and retro. I like the fact that you don't have to be to dressy to wear it. I would put a fitted khaki pant with a tucked in light blue button down and a gold Rolex! Simple as that!

Fall Finds

Optima colored stockings are so cute this time of year. The different types of color schemes is pure genius. they can be worn with many types of shoes and skirts to give the look a more put together, individual and girly feel. Because there are so many varieties of styles and colors, any women can find her perfect match.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quote of the Day by a fashion Icon!!

Our Lady of the Day!!

The Queen of R&B, Mary J. Blige! Ms. Mary is definitely a fashion icon! She's ever so different from any women on this planet. From pain to empowerment, Mary has put many life lessons in her songs. We as fans can relate to every song she has sung. Mary's signature looks begans with her hair.We all remember Mary with the the braid going across her head, as well as her signature big brim hats.

 Mary also likes to rock a blonde mane, preferrably with a thick bang. We also can't mention Mary's style without mentioning her signature thigh high boots. Though Mary has evolved her style over the years, when we see it, we all know that she's just Mary.

Shoe of the Day!!

Talk about a funky futuristic shoe! This Sergio Rossi black and white polka dot bootie is what I like to call fashionably signature. Wear this shoe with a plain khaki skirt, a turquise blouse and the gold lengthy necklace to give flavor to this image! 
Attention! All smile for the military jacket that's hitting the runways. There is a ton of designers that are taking advantage of the style but are giving it a little modern taste. This particular garment is great with a nice loose tank, dark denim shorts and crazy black booties. Salute!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Street Style File

Jahnetta Williams at Black Girls Rock

With this look, the dress is definitely the statement piece.  The gold and black sweetheart cut dress is absolutely beautiful. I love how the dress in not fitted throughout. The black and gold clutch is an added bonus.
My favorite accessory in this ensemble is simple but a great piece-the red studded earrings.  It draws the eye to see the entire look not just the dress. With her natural hair framing her face, this is a great look.

Crystyles Nail File

These nails are electric! The tips appear as if their glowing! The contrast between the light and dark is beautiful. This trend can also be performed with different color combinations but the blue and green seem to be the most popular looks of the trend. Oh, and her red lips are to die for!

Available at Crystyles Boutique!


Eventhough the weather is getting cool, that doesn't mean you can't wear thin pieces. You just have to know how to dress and layer them. This piece, shown above, is sheer but by placing a thick tank underneath it will contrast the chilling winds. Pair this top with a leather jacket or a military style coat and a hot pair of boots. This top is available in green and brown.

Shoe of the Day!

I love seeing pieces that make you think and that are works of art. The "wedge," is so amazing. The the gold, the pointed black shoe with the double straps is one of a kind. This Lanvin shoe needs to be seen! Wear it out with your significant other or with your girls. I guarantee they will be asking you to borrow them!


Fall Finds

When the seasons change and the weather gets unbearably cold, one essential piece every women needs to have in her wardrobe is a long coat, a duster coat that is. These pieces are very functional and will definitely keep you warm.

Seen going down many of the runways, some pieces grazed the floor but that could easily be altered by going to your favorite tailor. Lengths vary with every coat but women will fall in love with their added warmth as well as their beauty.

This jacket, shown above, is a great piece for the everyday working woman. The color is great and goes with any ensemble. The length and cut is just as great for business or just for those chilly days.   

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lady of the Day


Always being associated as Tia and Tamera, Tia has been making an "individaul," name for herself. Starring in the hit series, "The Game," she plays Melanie Barnett, the now wife of Saber football player, Derwin Davis (Pooch Hall).

While in the off season of the show, Tia and her sister, Tamera, starred in their own show on the Style Network. The show highlights Tia's pregnancy with husband Cory Hardict and also the struggles of sisterhood and being a working actress.
Tia and husband Cory Hardict on Wedding Day

The show also highlightes Tamera's wedding with now husband Adam Housley and the struggles of sharing space in her home.We rarely saw Tia's husband Cory because she stated he was on auditions which is what it takes to get that leading role in Hollywood.

Tia Mowry is a down to earth woman who is dedicated to being a great actress, a great mother, a great wife and a great sister. Though life brings struggles and leaves you feeling overwhelmed, there's always a better day ahead.

New at Crystyles Boutique


Every women loves amazing details. So why not come to Crystyles Boutique to get it! This top, with flower like appliques going along the neckline is beautiful. The color is great for any skintone and this top could easily be dressed up with minimal accessories. Pair it with a great jacket and the details still show.

The model above doesn't have any accessories on but still looks put together. Finding pieces that are easy and work with our everyday hectic schedules is one of the many things Crystyles Boutique stands for. Crystyles Boutique: Your Style Concierge.

Shoe of the Day!


I love red in anything because I believe it's a very powerful color. So what better way to show red than in these bootied. I love the contrast between the half red half tan heel and well as the shape of the shoe itself.

Pair with a thich tight, these booties could easily be worn throughout the enitire winter season. Red draws attention. Christian Louboutin and his consumers know this all to well...

Trend of the Day!


Peter Pan collars have been around for awhile but more so for children! This fall, Peter Pan collars are being found on many dresses as well as tops. Below are a few ways to wear this trend.
The first dress is great for fall because it has long sleeves and of course, a high neckline.  Simply add a thick tight and a trouser pump and you have a complete look.
The second dress is a little thin for the cool weather but it could still work. Place a round neck sweater over the dress and cover you legs with a thick patterned tight. Lastly, pair the look with a neutral colored ankle bootie.

My suggestion for the third piece, the top, would be to loose the skirt. Instead, pair it with a colored jean and an ankle or flat riding boot. Lastly, my favorite piece, is a summer piece.
Add a black black matte tight, a pair of black mary jane pumps and a military jacket that hits right at the waist. That way, the flared skirt will have all the attention but when you take off the jacket, your entire dress will be the center of attention!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Quote of the Day by a fashion Icon!!

Our Lady of the Day!!


She is the daughter of legend,icon and fashion god, Diana Ross. Her name, Ms. Tracee Ellis Ross. She's an American actress that has her own voice and sense of fashion. Most women in their 40's don't dress or have the down to earth style that Tracee has.

We recently caught up with Tracee wearing a casual ensemble but she paired with these very retro yet stylish sneakers. These sneakers, in the price range of ,$800, were designed by Isabel Murant.

We began to notice Tracee as she thrived on the hit television show,"Girlfriends." There we began to notice her signature hair as well as her curvy figure.Tracee's signature hair which is much like her mother's, is all natural and individually beautiful. Her body is absolutely amazing and she isn't afraid to show it. Being a pear shaped women, you really have to know how to dress your body in order to even out your porportions. 

Now Tracee is acting as a psychologist on the hit BET sitcom, "Reed Between the Lines." Tracee is definitely making herself known in the entertainment world and will be a force to reckon with for years to come.

Shoe of the Day!!

Wedged tank strappy boots are casually chic! You can find these boots at BCBG. Wearing these boots will definitely give you height and style.Pair them with denim jeggins,  an over sized white top and silver accessories. This look is simply but will make you completely stand you!

Trend of the Day!

Knee Length Skirts
Long skirts are back for the fall! They have a sense of classiness and elegance. Skirts are one of those pieces that you can definitely pair with a cute fitted blouse, a cropped blazer and/or tank. These skirts can be worn to work and dressed with the right top and accessories could be worn for a nice evening out. Oh and don't forget you pumps!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Quote of the Day by a fashion Icon!!

Noted editor of Harper's Bazaar, Diana Vreeland

Our Lady of the Day!!

The now solo artist, Ms. Kelly Rowland is making her way to the top and there is no stopping her. She is loved all over the world for her music and individual style. Kelly has stated that hair is really defined by her mood. The thing that makes her the stand out is that her fashion is definitely out of the box. That's why we love Ms. Kelly Rowland!!

Shoe of the Day!!

Classic Prada!! These plum suede platform pumps are classic with a sexy edge. There is so much that you could do with this shoe. Try pairing them with a simple white blouse, fitted khaki pants and a dark brown thin belt. Lastly, finish off your look with a gold Rolex! These shoes will be a part of fashion for years to come!

Trend of the Day!!

Talk about going back, the 1960's! This retro style seems to be popping back up on the runway! There is so much you can do with a solid colored knit dress. The 1960's had a huge affect on the mod phase in fashion and now it's being used today.