Friday, September 30, 2011

Quote of the Day by a fashion Icon!!

"Chanel is composed of only a few elements, white camellias, quilted bags and Austrian doorman's jackets, pearls, chains, shoes with black toes. I use these elements like notes to play with."
Karl Lagerfeld

Our Lady of the Day!!

This Lady is the eye of every man and the idol of women all around the world. She is the fashion Icon that hit the screen in 2009, Thanks to Kanye West Amber Rose is the queen of "standing out from the crowd" Its funny how this girl hasn't spoken to much and is yet most known. Her signature hair do the boyish blond do is ruling the world everywhere. Amber Rose stands on 2 feet very well, that's why she is are lady of the day!!
Wide leg gives the waist up a natural curve. These pants are signature look this fall, with the different shades of color they come in. I like the fact that you put any top with it( tucked in of course) and it will compliment the image. There are a lot designers re-doing the wide leg pant here are a few!! 

Shoe of the Day!!

Talk about different  mister Giuseppe Zanotti can give you change! These wedge platform shoes are what you call show stoppers. I love the tip, a sliver metal, with the black and white details. The velet heel give's it a little extra BAM!! Rock these bad boys with a yet skinny jean, white fitted tank and Chanel sunglass's, and you will stop traffic.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Eyes: Smoky Mettalics

A smoky eye has always been a look that gets you noticed. It gives you a certain sex appeal that other looks just can't. But what if you add metallics to it? Now you have a look that could stop traffic! Adding any dark color with an added shimmer will make you look amazing. I love how the color is not only on her lids but also underneath allowing her piercing green eyes to shine through.
Jason Wu Fall Eyes

This blue and gold smoky metallic eye was used in Jason Wu's fall collection. The model has a deep blue covering her lids with a touch of gold in ther center. I also love that her brows are not arched and that her face looks youthful and natural.

Because her eyes are lined with a black liner her beautiful eye color easily shines through as well. Freshed faced, matte lip and minimal coverage, her eyes are the center of attention and any man could easily become mesmerized.

2011 Fall Braids

 An easy fall style that only requires a brush and a hair band, is a side braid. The runways have been using this simple style of compliment many of their looks.
 You can wear this style if your pressed for time and have a little oil in your hair. Wear it a little messy with a center part. The actual braid doesn't have to be perfect either. Go for a messy mane with a put together ensemble.
If you rather have a clean look, make sure you have freshly washed hair and try a side part. Add a few extensions if you want your braid to be long. Once you have finished your braid. Slightly put it a little to loosen it up and you have achieved the look you see above.

Fall Pants

Wide Leg Trousers
Wide leg pants are great pieces to have in your wardrobe. They are very versatile and can be dressed up or down.  I love how the model, shown above, used the brightly colored trousers as the accent piece to her look. Every other color she wears becomes neutral against the orange pants. Make sure to get the pants hemmed to insure that  they don’t drag.

 If you prefer to wear heels with them, have heels on when getting them hemmed so you can get the length just right. The sailor style tan colored wide leg trousers with gold accent buttons,shown below, are so chic and very comfortable. If you love these trousers you can find them at Crystyles Boutique or at

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Word of Wisdom


Many of us forget to genuinely smile throughout the day. Yes we hear a funny joke and or we listen to one of our girls telling a story but what about truly smiling at life. What about thinking about your kids or something your husband used to do that made you truly happy?

With so much on our minds and trying not to miss a deadline or an appointment we forget to take five minutes to really focus on why we do it all in the first place. Never forget to reminisce on what got you through the rough times and the reason you go through all the chaos- to see your family happy, healthy and always smiling.

Long Vs. Short Hair

Kelly Rowland
Starting off with the group, Destiny's Child, Kelly came on the scene rocking a short crop. Through the years, she has transitioned to long styles. Many with bangs, waves and curls, she has rocked them all with grace. But which style do you prefer?
Kelly with short crop
Kelly side frame of short crop
Now transistioning to longer styles, she definitely can pull off multiple looks.
Kelly with super curly coils
Kelly with bangs

Kelly with long loose waves
My favorite, I love the bangs but I definitely have to go with the short crop. It shows off her beautiful facial features as well as her beautiful brown skin. 

Dior Fall Boots!!!

This Dior boot is amazing! It's sexy, strong, dominating and commands attention, just like a woman. Christian Dior definitely got it right. With the horizontal straps aligned across the front of the boot, it gives the shoe a slight victorian feel.The leather animal print going down an endless heel brings a totally different element to the boot.

 You have to be a very confident women to pull off these boots because they demand so much attention. The caramel complexion and the curved tush, along the front, also puts you in the mind of a beautiful women. That's why designer design, to bring the beauty of a women alive through their work.

Fall Preview: Fur Vests

Fur vests are becoming so hot for this upcoming cool weather. Rachel Zoe would love the new pieces featured on the fall runways this year. Many designers are placing vests over jackets and dresses or vice versa. I love this look because it doesnt require much to look amazing.

 The vest is bulky but with the cinched waist, it gives you shape.This vest is a great transistion piece for those cool fall nights to those chilly winter days. Every women needs this piece in their winter wardrobe. To find these pieces, including the leggings, come to Crystyles Boutique.
2115 Piedmont Rd. Atlanta, Ga. 30324, suite#3106

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Selita Ebanks: Which look do you prefer?

Selita with blonde/black crop cut

Selita Ebanks changes up her look alot. Most of the work for. Shown below are several pics of Selita's different looks. Which one do you think is her best?

Short crop cut with long side bang

Selita with medium length hair
Long light brown mane

Selita with long black mane
My favorite, definitely the short look!

Nicholas Kirkwood Fall Preview Ankle Boots

Nicholas Kirkwood
Nicholas Kirkwood is a very creative designer. He does things with shoes that no other designer has ever done. He sees the delicateness of a woman's foot as his canvas, and when he paints, he makes a masterpiece. The boot shown above is definitely a Kirkwood original.

Still staying true to the originality, the heel on this boot is out of this world. Wearing this shoe will attract non stop attention! Shown below is a purple ankle boot that resembles the bootie shown above. With the different colors and textures, both of the shoes, though very similar, definitely stand alone.

Fall Preview: Tuxedo Ensembles

Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2011
 Women have been seen wearing more masculine pieces this year. Some come in full suits! Even though they are going more masculine, they still look like a put together woman. The entire look is tailored to their body which looks so chic.The tuxedo jacket shown above was worn by Beyonce on this year's VMA's. 
Jason Wu Fall 2011
Most women wearingf tux looks, are going for black pumps to compliment the entire look. Jason Wu did an amazing job with his take on a tuxedo look. The jacket hits her waist at exactly the right spot. Look at Camilla Belle's take on the all white suit.
Tom Ford Fall 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Quote of the Day by a fashion Icon!!

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Female of the Day!!

She gave the world classic, she gave the world bold, she gave the world baby face the one and only Twiggy!! There isn't  anyone who can pull off this look like Twiggy. The drawn in eyelash's, boyish like haircut to give the face more attention all started with this legend. So when u are getting your eyelashes done think of Twiggy!!

Trend of the Day!!

Mod is the fall's new look. There is so much in mod from baby doll dress's, sleeveless tops etc. I like the fact that mod can and did have a new twist on it. You can easily find a great bottom for a mod top, or a great statement piece necklace for a dress. I pretty sure that the mod style will be around for life!!

Shoe of the Day!!

Michael Kors, Michael Kors!! This guys is the king for everyday causality he understands the concept of "All-American" fashion. The boot you are looking at right here is the most fashionable riding boot to date. The simple dark tan and the gold buckle on the side totally can worn up and down not to mention the height of the heel makes it very feminine!! 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Long Vs. Short Hair

For years, nia long has been rocking a short cut. Like Halle Berry, it just works for her. Long ravishing hair doesn’t work for all women. So when you find a look that works for you, stick with it. Wanting to switch it up a little, nia chose to go long. And amazingly enough, that works for her too!
 Even though I love nia short, long hair also fits her. In her latest picture, while proudly showing off her baby bump, nia chose to wear loose curls and a slightly brownish mane. This look I love on Nia!

Fall Preview: Burberry Booties

Burberry Fall Booties
These are my kind of booties! Comfortable, insulated and just as chic. You can pull off any look with these boots. Even the simplest of looks, these boots can bring it out. The multiple buckles as well as the pointed toe and the inner insulated wool makes a very happy women!

A dress, jeans and tee, or cropped pant would look great with these Burberry booties.  You can fold down the top of the boot or wear them as is, either way, you will look and definitely feel amazing.

Look how Ms. Janet paired her booties with a simple light jean and leather jacket.

Jason Wu' FAll 2011 Collection

Jason Wu is a young but amazing designer. He easily stands along sides the greats, including McQueen and even Ford. There's always a great story to each piece he designs. This fall, his collection was impeccable. The show began with grays, blacks,whites and creams. Then it transistioned into bright blues, yellows and reds. His finale dress was a deep red floor length dress that was breath taking. I also love the black floor length dresses and shirts with the mile high slits that show the leg.
My favorite piece from the collection
These collection also included straight leg pants, beautiful sweaters and parkas, peter pan and lace collars, vests, capes, skirts and dresses.He also used a lot of lace which came out gorgeous.Everyone one of those pieces I would wear just as they came down the runway. Check out his RTW fall collection and pick out your favorite piece!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Quote of the Day by a fashion Icon!!

"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months."

Hair of the Day!!

Talk about verstile! Ms. Keri Hilson is your gal!! The vixen is consistently changing her image and believe me, its good. She is to us a print queen, not to mention that her hair compliments her skin. The Blond bob is a "do" for her and definitely makes her stand out!! From straight to a juicy curl, Keri Hilson is our it girl of the day!!

Trend of the Day

Who can go wrong with a poncho! They are warm, chic and making a nice entrance this year for the fall. The poncho, can bring out any outfit. They can easily be dressed up or down. If you were to dress it up make sure you don't include a necklace or any major jewelry. If you decide to dress it down, try a simple pant and a killer boot.

Shoe of the Day!!

Gucci sure knows its worth!! This brand is were its at this fall. Because of it impeccable craftsmanship and amazing leathers and fabrics, you can never go wrong with Gucci. This patent leather tassel boot is so chic feel and can be paired with many different ensembles. A cute denim jeans, a white sweater and gold accessories would be a simple yet chic look to pair with these boots.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Christian Louboutin Fall 2011 Pump Preview

Christian Louboutin Fall 2011 Alex lion paw pump
Christian Louboutin's Fall 2011collection is amazing. Featuring different furs, studs, and a rainbow of colors. This one particular pump that caught my eye was the shoe that resembled a lion paw! No one has ever made a shoe like this. It's definitely one of a kind. Pairing something simple with this shoe would not suffice. You have to allow your entire look to stand out. A hot fitted dress or even a fitted pant and blazer with look great. Christian is still on top of his game!
Sarah Jessica Parker puts a very creative spin on "Red Riding Hood," with this ensemble. She exudes confidence  and you can tell she feels great in what she is wearing. The shoes go great with this beautiful red dress and trailing cape.

Fall Preview: Graphic Stripes

Another hot trend this fall is graphic stripes. Seen on this fall’s ponchos, dresses and sweaters, graphic stripes can easily go from work wear to the evening.

Placing a solid or pinstriped blazer over a striped sweater or top is an easy work look. A simple striped dress is dramatic enough to make a bold statement without causing you to stand in your closet for hours trying to figure out what to wear. Add a few accessories, a nice pair of pumps and you’re out the door!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Preview; Amazing Boots!

fall is fast approaching and its almost time to pull out the boots! This fall,  most of the boots appear to have the same style but just an added touch to make it stand out.  An added bow, like the one seen above, or a slouching effect, shown below, makes a great looking boot.

Boots are very comfortable pieces and can be worn with the simplest of things. Jeans and a tee would be a great look with these boots. you can also wear them with jeans, a v-neck top and a dark blazer.
The colors of both of the boots are great neutral colors to go with just about anything in your wardrobe. For fall style, you need versatility and lots of layers!

Fall Previes: Gucci's 2011 fall Collection

Gucci Fall 2011 Collection

This fall, there’s nothing more sexy and sensual than see through skirts! The look of a woman’s legs gliding across the floor in a cascading floor length skirt is breath taking. the vibrant colors also add an amazing element to the dress.

Gucci also added see-through polka dot dresses to the collection! For a more practical look, add more layers of fabric to cover you or pair a short fitted skirt (of the same color) over a long see through skirt. Check out the amazing fall 2011 Gucci show !